Truth for Today

Truth for Today is an amazing resource that can be accessed anywhere in the world. Anyone who preaches and teaches knows that having resources to help prepare for Bible lessons is essential.  But many people who are trying to learn or to teach have no such resources for help. So every month, Truth for Today sends out a virtual library of resources on a Bible text or topic that can immediately be used to teach and preach to others. Missionaries all over the world utilize it - but that's not all. 

In recent years an effort to provide a commentary on the Bible from a Church of Christ author has produced an excellent set of resources. And in even more recent years, the reading based School of Biblical Studies provides a way for in-depth learning of the scriptures from anywhere in the world, right on the website. This is an amazing effort that Eddie Cloer has launched from a mind and heart set on evangelism. It is something well worth our support. 

Check out all that is being done and all that is available to anyone who wants to take advantage by going to

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