Lilia's Place

The son of one of our members came to have a great passion for the people of the Philippines. Doug Simpson grew up in Craighead County and he graduated from Green County Tech. They moved to California for a time and then moved to Texas. He and his wife, Lisa, had two boys, Jake and Chandler. They decided to adopt a little girl and chose a girl from Gautemala by the name of Lilia. As part of “showing off” their new family member, they went to see a friend from church who had moved to the Philippines to do mission work. They took a cab from the airport in the early morning hours and were amazed at the children who were without parents, begging in the streets. The experience got their attention and ignited a sense of mission.  In particular the children of Cebu City captured their hearts. 


Doug and Lisa Simpson left behind successful careers (District manager of Charles Schwab in Houston, TX and teaching school in Sugarland, TX) to pursue caring for the kids of Cebu. They packed up and took their daughter, Lilia, with them to address the shelter, food, and educational needs of kids in Cebu City.  They are sponsored out of Stafford, Texas, but we have the privilege of playing a supportive role. 

At the current time, well over 150 children are served through this effort that is known as, appropriately enough, Lilia’s Place. Doug and Lisa are also in the final process of adopting a Philipino girl who has lived with them for eight years. 

For more information, check out www.liliasplace.org.