Africa Institute of Marriage and Family (AIMF) was started by Fielden and Janet Allison in 1984. Marriage and family was always a vital thing for their own lives. They met in fifth grade at CRA in Paragould and have been married almost 50 years. They have lived in Africa for 45 of those years and have raised five children there. They have trained leaders and planted congregations, starting in Kenya and going through several nations and now are centered in Tanzania.

But their goal since 1984 has been to teach and counsel African families and they have done family training in 20 countries on that continent. They feel that their intense workshops did limited good, so they have started inviting couples to train with them and team up to meet the overwhelming challenges of families in Africa. This couple has done a little bit of everything to reach the people of Africa with the gospel to prepare them for the next life but also to enrich their time in this one. 

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