From Spencer: HOW?

We all know the questions a good reporter asks and answers when he writes the article about an issue. It is the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY questions that intrigue every human mind. But when it comes to reaching others with the Christian faith, there really is only one of these questions that lingers. 

We long to have an answer to the HOW question.  

We know the Great Commission. We know what Jesus came for (to seek and save the lost) and we know he left us with the same mission. We know the fate of those who never respond to God, and we enjoy the experience of being right with God and having sins forgiven. We would love for everyone to experience that.  It is very clear WHAT we need to do and WHY,  and we surely know the WHO that makes it all possible.  How do we share the WHO that – we know – answers all the deep WHY questions of human existence?

I rarely have anyone object to the charge, “We need to share our faith with the world!”  You will hear several amens when we are reminded of our goal to be light and salt in the world in order to bring the world to Christ. It is clear what our main objective is when we applaud the one who makes the confession of Christ as Lord and is baptized. Articulation of our goal seems to be alive and well.  But when we leave, there is a quizzical look of uncertainty in our faces, “How exactly do I do that?”

I think we are haunted by the image in our minds of what this requires. To really complete this task, we have to sit at the kitchen table with another person and conduct a one hour Bible study, having a clear idea of how to direct that study. That is the total picture many have of “evangelism.” 

And it scares us to death! Why? Because finding an hour in our schedule is hard enough. Try getting someone else to agree to this is almost impossible! And then we wonder how we would direct a whole hour of a study with someone. It is overwhelming! This is just foreign to our experience in every way and yet this image persists. While this may have been the picture of evangelism in the 1950’s, it is the image of a nightmare in 2019. There is nothing wrong with that approach, but if it is the only way, we basically concede the opportunity because that is not how we live.

We need to keep the mission but expand that image to include others. There are some basic guidelines that must be true for how to do this in our time.

  • Sharing the faith must be something that is part of our everyday identity and conversation, not some “technique” we engage in. It must be a part of our life and not something compartmentalized for specific occasions.

  • Sharing the faith must be something natural to us, as something we have so fully experienced that talking about it is as casual to us as describing a great vacation or a movie we recently saw with friends.

  • Sharing the faith must be something we do not fear or experience anxiety about.  It should a topic that we are confident with. If it is not, it absolutely will not happen and it certainly won’t be effective.

But how do we do this? 


Well, that is what is behind our Operation Outreach event on Saturday, January 26 and Sunday January 27. Matthew Morine of Castle Rock, CO has written a book entitled, “Everyday Evangelism.” He shares his own story of conversion and enthusiastically empowers Christians to engage people in simple evangelistic conversations in everyday settings. There will be role playing and a lot of equipping those who attend with ideas on just how to do this. 

This is a HOW event! We assume that the WHAT and WHY are already alive within you. That is what is going to make you come out to Valley View for this occasion. We are promising you a response to our HOW.

Seminar Schedule


Evangelism Starts in the Home - 5 p.m.

BBQ Meal - 6 p.m.

Share a Story, Not Share a Product - 7 p.m.


Celebrate with Angels in Heaven - 9 a.m. Class

Prayer for More Workers - 10 a.m. Sermon

Spencer Furby, Pulpit Minister

Spencer Furby | Preaching Minister