Sunday Bible Class

Fellowship Hall | Mixed Ages

Danny Wallis - Acts

Room 101 | Mixed Ages

Kelly Phipps

Room 304 | Gen-X

Blake Lamberson - “Find Your Way In…”

Room 307 | Boomers

Randy Simpkins

Room 403 | Senior

Steve Richmond - 1 Thessalonians

Room 309 | Young Professionals

Terry Smith - Acts

Room 310 | College

Ed Butterworth & Matthew Walton

Room 308 | Singles & Doubles

Room 302 | Ladies

Topical Studies

Wednesday Bible Class


June 5
A Renewal of Hope in the Book of Revelations
June 12
The Alpha and The Omega: Encountering the Risen Christ
June 19
Renewing Our Vision of Christ
June 25
A Renewed Vision of the Church

July 10
Heaven’s Open Door
July 17
The War Scroll of the Lamb: Breaking the Seven Seals
July 24
The Seven Trumpets and Two Witnesses
July 31
Beauty and the Beasts

August 7
The Seven Bowls and the Fall of Babylon
August 14
Eternal Sabbath in the City that Never Sleeps
August 21
Revelation in Song
August 28
So Now You Know: So What?